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Fabulous First Day at SDA

Getting ready for your First Day!

If you have questions about Getting Started in registering for classes, we recommend you jump over to our Getting Started Page first.

We are excited to be part of your journey into the performing arts.  This is a big day and we want to make it FABULOUS for you!  Because dance isn't just dance - it's magical!  It makes you smile, laugh, giggle and beam because when you dance your heart out, it's life at its best!

To get you set for your Fabulous First Day at SDA, we've created this behind the scenes tour.  You'll know just what to expect as we walk you through every step of your first day!


First things first.  Before you jump in the car, make sure you've got your dance bag ready!  Dance bag essentials include dance shoes, extra leotard & tights, water bottle.  Things to leave out are:  candy, gum, toys, jewelry or anything else you wouldn't want lost or broken by accident! Check HERE for class dress codes and policies.

Arrive for class a few minutes early if you still need to complete any paperwork and let your dancer get acquainted with our studio and staff.  Once everything is signed you are good to go!

Be sure to have lots of hugs and kisses ready for your dancer as they prance off to class!​​

Our teachers welcome our new dancers and families and make your first day of classes simply delightful! Questions about shoes, dress code, teacher expectations?  We are here and can answer any questions or concerns you have.

While dancers are whisked away to shuffle, leap, turn and plie, we give parents a special gift - FREE TIME!  Feel free to run an errand or two!  We'll take exceptional care of your dancer.  And in the event that we need you back before class ends, we'll give you a call.  We keep all parent/guardian cell phone numbers on file at all times in case of emergencies.

Coming into a new class can be intimidating--especially for our littlest dancers.  We guarantee to give the biggest smiles to calm nervous hearts! Our teachers help each new dancer jump right in and feel at home in class.  (Our dancers LOVE making new friends too!) 

Now you know exactly what to expect for your first day of classes at Starstruck Dance Academy!  You can download a Get Ready To Dance Checklist HERE to make sure you've get everything set for your big day.  

We can't wait to dance with you this year!  Any questions that come up outside class, send us an email.   We usually answer all emails within a few hours or quicker!

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