Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from dancers and families.  If your question isn't listed, don't hesitate to contact us HERE and we'll get back to you in a flash!

Q:  What makes Starstruck different from other dance studios?

A:  Starstruck Dance Academy is much more than a dance studio.  We're your home away from home!  You've probably noticed your carpet wearing down from the never-ending child twirling, bouncing and leaping around the house.  We love, encourage and channel all that energy into an adventure in dance.  Watch her creativity and joy thrive every week in class as those twirls gain technique and the joy never ends!

As part of our family, we take special care of each and every student providing a safe and healthy environment which encourages friendship, positive motivation, age appropriate behavior and pride in work well done.  We ONLY use age appropriate music, costumes & choreography and encourage a teamwork atmosphere in all our classes!   Before you know it, the year will have flown by and not only will your little star have a jump start on a healthy self-esteem, positive self image, pride in their accomplishments and social skills to last a lifetime, but thanks to our amazing staff of professional and master teachers, they will have made outstanding progress in dance class too!

Since opening in 2003, we've gained experience in teaching kids - and all kinds of kids!  Boys, girls, kids with special needs, they all have a place here at SDA!  Our students love being part of our family and stay with us for years and years. 

Worried about the financial end of things?  You won't find a studio that is as budget conscious and will stretch your dollar as far as we do!  Simply put, you get more for your money here at SDA.  We're educating our kids in dance and the necessary life skills they need to survive that scary world of Elementary, Junior High and High School!  Our teachers are committed to make each class a positive and productive experience including one-on-one attention, even in our larger classes.  Your dollar goes farther here because you're getting a lot more than merely classes and costumes.  You're getting a life experience!


Q:  How do I know which class is the right one for my dancer?

A:  With  many class options available at SDA, choosing the right one may seem overwhelming.  We want to know: what are your goals in dance?  What do you love about dance?  How does dancing make you feel?  What experience do you already have?  What styles of dance interest you?  Answering these questions and visiting our Class Descriptions Page can help you decide which style of dance is right for you.  Need more help?  Contact us and our staff will be glad to help you find the perfect class for you!

Q:  What are your Tuition Rates and Fees?

A:  At SDA we stretch your dollar farther than any other studio while still providing the care and attention to detail we've become known for!  Your Monthly Tuition is based on the number of hours of class taken weekly.  And since SDA is all about family, sibling discounts are available too!  Click the links for more info on our Tuition Rates and Fees

​Click the link below to see a complete list of our Tuition Rates.

Q:  When the studio is closed for holidays why do I still pay a full month tuition rate?

A:  The tuition rate is configured using an average of weeks per month.  Some months have 5 weeks, most have 4.  Keeping all classes being attended the same number of times over the course of the 9 months (approx. 4 times per month), we do not pro-rate for holidays or missed classes.  We will gladly find a make up class for you if you would like!  Just let our friendly front desk staff know.

Q:  What are your studio policies?  Do dancers need to be in certain attire for class?

A:  We've made our studio policies as painless as can be because dancing should be enjoyable for kids and parents!  Click below for a complete list of our Studio Policies including Class Attire.

Q:  I'm new to SDA and not sure where to begin to get registered?

A:  Our Getting Started Page will walk you through the process step by step! 

Q:  Ok- I'm registered for classes but not sure how to prepare for my first day of classes?

A:  We've made it a snap to a Fabulous First Day at SDA!  Visit our Fabulous First Day at SDA Page with detailed info for preparing for that first, super special day -- The First Day of Class!!!  We've even got a "Get Ready to Dance"checklist for you! 

Q:  What Performing Companies do you have?

A:  Dancers come in all ages, shapes and sizes and so do the goals and dreams they have.  If you fall asleep every night thinking of the bright lights on a big stage then check out our COMPETITIVE PROGRAM!  Giving dancers and performers that extra "umph" along with more performing and some competitive opportunities, our Performing Companies blend the perfect balance of team commitment for school, dance and family too!  So dare to dream big everywhere -- school, dance -- it's all out there for you to conquer!

Q:  Why is a dress code necessary? 

A:  This is a great question!  A dress code ensures that a teacher will be able to see a dancer's alignment and positioning. Teachers need to be able to see a dancer's improvement and mistakes.  Baggy clothing can mask bad habits, making corrections impossible.  A dress code also teaches students discipline, helping with overall focus and energy.  By "dressing the part," dancers feel like dancers.  Dress codes can also create unity among the dancers instead of causing a few dancers to stand out much like a school uniform policy.  Dress codes go a long way in minimizing distractions and help give classes a unified look.  All Petite and higher classes must wear tights, a black leotard,  footwear &  shoes as required) and hair pulled back in a secure bun.  

Q:  If my child misses class can she make it up?

A:  Yes!  You are welcome to choose any other class (that is the same amount of time as the missed class) to use as a make up class.  If you would like to schedule a private lesson (additional fees apply) with your dancer's teacher to learn specific skills or choreography taught during that class time, please visit with the teacher to make those arrangements.  We are happy to suggest classes that would be appropriate for a make up class.

Q:  Why do you hold a recital performance?

A:  The Spring Recital is our Grande Finale for a year of hard work by all our dancers!  Your dancer wants to show you (and all their friends and as many family members as possible) how fantastic a dancer they have become!  The recital is not only an exciting way to end the year in a smathering of glitter, sequins and bright lights -- although we do love all those sequins and sparkles!  The recital is our teaching tool to help your dancer build confidence by performing in front of an audience, being proud of their accomplishments and overcoming any fears or self-doubts.  We are their standing ovation every step of the way!

Q:  How are the Costume Deposits scheduled?

A:  Recital costumes typically run between $65 - $90 each.  To alleviate financial burden for families of dancers with multiple costumes, payment is broken down into 3 installments (October, November & February)   All costume deposits are non-refundable.   If your dancer is NOT going to perform in the recital for any reason, please let out know  in writing by December 10th so we do not order them a costume. Otherwise, you will be obligated to purchase the costume(s) ordered.   Any costumes balances must be paid in full to be ordered.  No exceptions!